Donisha is the sole owner & creator of Soothing Dreams. As such Donisha coordinates all aspects of Soothing Dreams ,including but not limited to preparing the soap base, creating silicone molds from crystals she owns, and pouring each batch of soap herself. 

Donisha is no stranger to soap-making, having spent 2 years making soap down in her hometown of New Orleans,La and almost 10 years of crafting and creating. with her 10yr old son, where they created many different kinds of soap and art together. They really love crafting. But most of all, they love sharing their love of geodes and crystals with the world. 

Donisha and her son are passionate about crystals, gems, geodes and the possibilities of what they can do for us in our time of need. Whatever that need may be. Donisha seeks to provide a beautiful bathing experience by allowing you to keep your crystal babies safe from dropping, breaking, falling off of the tub while bathing. While also allowing you to feel the energy and intention  from the stone it represents.

to contact Donisha please visit her Instagram via the link below and send a DM